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What bags of vacuum bags can be used for packaging?

The cost of vacuum bags relative to the general bag is high, the need to be careful when ordering vacuum bags, to use the most affordable price to buy the most cost-effective products. The price level depends on what kind of vacuum bag the customer chooses.

Vacuum bag is a relatively high-end product in a packaged product, which is generally used for bagging of meat products. Such as roast duck packaging, braised chicken packaging, beef packaging, goose packaging, stewed meat, sausage, pickles, bean paste, spices, aquatic products, electronic products and so on.

Different products have different product characteristics, and different products need to match the different characteristics of the material packaging. For example, there is no special requirements of the product, you can use ordinary vacuum bag can be, material can be PA / AL / PE three kinds of material composite. If you need 121 ℃ high temperature cooking, you need to choose high temperature cooking material, four composite as well, PET / PA / AL / RCPP.

Vacuum bag packaging at least three kinds of material composite, the use of internal raw materials (internal raw materials include: printing ink, composite glue, etc.) the cost is higher than usual; and aluminum foil is a metal product, must be higher than ordinary plastic. This kind of packaging used, high density, puncture resistance is very good, anti-stretch, wear, shading, oxygen, is the first choice for most high-end products.

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