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And easy to package the advantages of tea bags

Tea packaging canned, barrel, bag and other packaging, each way has its own advantages and disadvantages, compared to other ways of packaging tea, packaging bags have some unique advantages. Tea bags

Tea bags customized

1 housing maintenance

Shell can make tea and oxygen, water vapor, stains separated, anti-leakage. Some packaging covers a desiccant or deoxidizer to extend the shelf life. Vacuum packaging or pumping bags in the air is also the primary method of tea packaging, custody of tea in the shelf life of clean, new and safe is the primary function of the bag. Tea bags

2 low cost.

Compared to packaging and other packaging, the cost of packaging bags to be relatively low, it is because the packaging material requirements are relatively low, the cost is also less than the packaging. Tea bags

3 convey the message

Packaging and labeling to inform people how packaging or tea is used, transported, received to take over or disposed of.

4 safe

Packaging bags can reduce the risk of transport safety to carry forward the main effect, but also to prevent the tea to other goods to go. Tea packaging can also reduce the tea can be eaten. Some tea packaging is very strong and there are anti-counterfeit labels, the effect is to protect the benefits of business from loss. Packaging bags can have a laser logo, special color, SMS certification and other labels. Other retailers to prevent theft, tea bags posted on the electronic monitoring labels, and other consumers get the store's exports for degaussing. Tea bags

5 marketing

Often use the bag label to encourage potential buyers to purchase goods, exquisite bags can enhance the quality of tea, to stimulate consumer desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting marketing. Tea bags

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